Personalized ribbon, Printed ribbons, Woven ribbons for branding and packaging decorative


Pelsid holds in stock a diverse assortment of fabric tapes and ribbons ready for print.
They come in a variety of colors and widths.

Constantly searching for new products on the market,
 Pelsid has a long tradition of introducing new material
in roll form that can be of interest to its clients.

We offer for print: elastic bra straps, elastic lace, flat and folded elastic bands,
ornamented trimmings, herringbone, cotton twill, taffeta, woven-edge satin ribbons
either single or double sided. Coated polyester and nylon slit-edge tapes.
Flat bands and shoe laces. Continuous printed ribbons for sunglass straps,
name-tags and other finished accessories. 

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